JEFE Casino: The Widest Range of Slots in 2019

Author: Phillip I. Ellington

Online gambling is a paradise for lots of gamblers who want to try something more comfortable than land-based casinos, as not any gambler can get to such institutions due to lots of reasons. Among those reasons, there may be inability to get to that place, as not all countries find casinos operating legit, or there may be the absence of desire to get to the place, as it is more comfortable to play from home using Internet.

Now, you do not have to go anywhere. If in the past, it was a necessity to get yourself ready, get to the chosen land-based institution and gamble there with the other gamblers. The situation has changed, and now you have a range of options, including playing on the Web. Now, you all you will have to do is to have a high level of connection to Wi-Fi and device that works well and fast.

It is not even important where you are from, what your place of residence is, whether it is England or New Zealand, whether it is Canada or Australia. You can play from any place of the world, including those that are located far away from the home land of the chosen casino. Though, there may be some restrictions, but they can be observed on the official site of the chosen platform. You can get acquainted with them with no problems.

The most important thing that you should remember is that the number of virtual gambling institutions keeps getting bigger, and due to this, you must be attentive, as not all virtual gambling institutions are reliable. To find such institution, you can use our help. Today, we are going to make a review on one of casinos that was established relatively recently. The name of this casino is JEFE.

We are going to open yours eyes to the features of casino JEFE. We are going to tell about features, such as site’s interface, such as registration operation, such as compatible gadgets for playing with JEFE casino, such as games diapason, such as promo offers, such as support center, such as banking features, such as confidentiality & safety measures.

JEFE Club is the Decision to Be Proud Of

We bet that JEFE gambling club is the decision to be proud of. Why are we so sure about it? Why to make JEFE your perfect decision? We are going to answer you all those questions, but let’s start with the general details about JEFE, such the year of establishment/launching, licensing and software providers.

To start, we want to say that the year of establishment is 2014 which can be considered as relatively recent launching. For those five years, this gambling portal has gained lots of loyal customers that enjoy playing here. They play themselves and recommend playing with their friends and other gamblers.

The portal has also received licensing from MGA. What about software providers? We can point out software developing company (SDC) NetEnt, SDC Play’n Go, SDC Quickfire, SDC Yggdrasil, SDC Lottowarehouse, SDC Thunderkick, SDC Red Tiger, SDC Eyecon and SDC Pragmatic Play. All free games from mentioned SDCs are licensed by Maltese Law and B2B.

There are also software developing companies that are licensed by UK GC (gambling commision). Those companies are SDC Williams Bally, SDC Shufflemaster and SDC Barcrest. So, now we want to get over with the general information and we offer you to get to the chase. Are you ready? Let’s go and review the JEFE details.

Site’s Interface

The website was designed with the help of colors, such as dark grey and blue (mostly). The very first sight of yours will be focused on the background of the website. So, blue tones served for creating the background that would look as blue sky with white clouds. On this background, you will see a hat with glasses, a box with chains and a cat that tries to show you the advertisement banner which tells about getting free spins. Below this banner, you can see the button “Sign Up Here” to start the registration operation.

What about the top of the website’s home page? On the left side, the designers displayed the logo of JEFE platform. This logo was performed in easy and playful manner. The word “casino” is designed in white color while the word “JEFE” is designed in green color. On the right side, there is an icon “Login”.

We also want to show you what the bottom of looks like. At the bottom of the page, you can notice nine fast links of different purposes. Here, you can find fast link with the name “JEFE is Awesome”, fast link with the name “How to Deposit Money”, fast link with the name “Terms & Conditions”, fast link with the name “Privacy Policy”, fast link with the name “Play Responsibly”, fast link with the name “15 Minute Support”, fast link with the name “Game Terms”, fast link with the name “All CasinoJEFE Slots” and fast link with the name “Affiliates”.

Under fast links, you can see 5 buttons that serve for changing the language version of website. For now, you can choose ENG version, FIN version, SWE version, DEU version and NOR version. Below, you can see a paragraph where there is collected information about licensing and software providers.

Registration Operation

The registration operation on is too easy. Opening the registration tab also creates no problems. All you need is to surf the home page. The registration operation is built-in right there. So, what steps should be completed to become full-fledged user of casino JEFE?

You will be obligated to fulfill next fields. Firstly, you will be required to enter your email and name (both first name and last name). Secondly, you will be required to enter your street address, city, postcode and your country. Thirdly, you will be required to choose one currency out of 5 options.

Fourthly, you will be required to leave your contact number and come up with a strong password. Also, you will need to enter your password one more time. Fifthly, you will be required to choose the date of your birth. The last step will be accepting the terms & conditions. After this, you can click on the “Create My Account” button.

JEFE and Compatible Gadgets

What about gadgets that will be compatible for gambling with JEFE gambling club? In 2021, which is the time of the latest technologies, it is possible to play anywhere and anytime. The most important requirement will be having compatible devices for it. Sp, what devices can be used for visiting the website of JEFE and playing there?

  • Personal Laptops and Computers Can Be Used. Those gadgets are appropriate for gaming if you want to play at home mostly, as they depend on electricity. Though, you can play with charged laptops anywhere, but not all gamers find it convenience, but still, this is up to you. If you are a fan of playing on big screen, this will be your perfect choice.
  • Cell Phones and Tablets Can Be Used. Those gadgets are appropriate for gaming if you want to play anywhere and anytime, as they can easily be charged at home or with the help of power banks. Mobile gadgets have love weight and are compact for carrying in the pocket. For playing, you can download a mobile app on your device or play with the help of your browser.

The List of Casino Games

Finding the games spectrum on is also very easy. If you have a desire to find the games spectrum, you should go to the page bottom and click on one of presented fast links that is named as “All CasinoJEFE Slots”. Once you click on it, the page the picture of which is presented above will be opened.

“All CasinoJEFE slots” categories consists of the next sections. There, you can click on section that carries the name “Video Slots”, section that carries the name “Video Poker”, section that carries the name “Table Games” and section that carries the name “Special”. Plus, there is the website’s search engine for games. If you want, you can make use of it.

Promotions and Bonus Kinds

Every newbie of JEFE gaming club has a burning desire to get his/her welcome bonus. Each newbie wants to know if there is a no deposit bonus, if there are opportunities for getting free spins and if it is a necessity to use promo codes for getting JEFE rewards and promotions. So, let’s start talking about all rewards and promotions of this platform.

There are two options of welcome bonus. What about the first option? This one supposes getting free spins package for your first three deposits. You will able to get three types of spins, such as free spins, such as super spins and such as mega spins. You can choose this option, if you want.

What about the second option? This one supposes getting great deposit bonus pack after making three deposits. When you pass the first depositing, it will bring you 100% bonus that can let you gain up to 100 euros. When you pass the second depositing, it will bring you 50% bonus that can let you gain up to 100 euros. When you pass the third depositing, it will bring you 75% bonus that can let you gain up to 75 euros.

There are also other offers. Among them, there are offers, such as promo “JEFE Jackpot Wheel”, promo “Free Spon Bounties”, promo “Cash Rewards”, promo “Special Bonuses” and promo “Support Guarantee”. The last one is the offer for those gamblers who are already on the fourth (and bigger) level in the gambling room JEFE. To get more info about the rest, including a necessity to use appropriate bonus codes or its absence, you should go to the JEFE site.

Support & Help from Casino Staff

Gamblers can never know what ideas, questions or issues can come to their minds, which is why they always need to be prepared. Well, it is JEFE who always needs to be prepared to provide you with the highest level of staff support center. How can you can support? How quickly will the answer come?

So, there are 2 ways if you need to receive support from JEFE administration. The first one supposes receiving this support from the website yourself. This means that it is possible to find the needed info through the pages of the website yourself. If to talk about the second way, you can click on the icon of live chat that is always displayed in the lower right corner of the site. As you move through the JEFE site, the icon moves in rhythm.

A new small window is going to open, and there, you will be required to mention your name and to mention your email address. After these two fields are filled, you will need to click on the “Start the Chat” button. Do not worry, the answers are instant and come pretty fast. Such service will help you the way you want to get help.

Committing Money Transmissions

To make your deposits, you can pick one out of eight options that are currently available. So, what options are here? Your choice can be focused on payment option “Visa”, payment option “MasterCard”, payment option “Skrill”, payment option “Neteller”, payment option “Instant Banking”, payment option “Zimpler”, payment option “Moneta” and payment option “PaySafeCard”.

There are also details for each payment method. There, you can see such features on each payment method, such as charging fees, processing time and deposit limits. As you can see it, the website also displays the name and icon of the presented options for committing money transmissions.

To make your withdrawals, you can pick one out of five options that are currently available. So, what options are here? Your choice can be focused on payment option “Visa”, payment option “Skrill”, payment option “Neteller”, payment option “Instant Banking” and payment option “Moneta”. If to talk about additional features of all methods, we should mention that you can find out about processing time and required limits.

Confidentiality & Safety

For protecting your personal information and information of other casino users, the platform that we are talking about needed to take a lot of security measures. Today, we are going to tell you about a couple security measures, such as cookies using, verification process, reliable payment methods and about company that is responsible for keeping your information protected.

We offer to start with the last one. The company that is responsible for keeping your information protected is named as Lucky Dino Gaming Limited. Despite the fact that the Internet cannot be 100% safe for anybody, the company does its best to protect your data when you are gambling with casino JEFE.

Why to verify your account? As we have already noticed, Internet cannot be 100% safe for anybody, but to shorten the possibility of unexpected intrusions, you should verify your account. This will be better for you and for the casino, because you will be sure that you are the only person who owns your profile as well as the casino will be sure about it too.

To notify you about cookies using, the website will show you the appropriate message once you go the JEFE’s official website. What about cookies? They are small files/pieces of info that will help the website to recognise you and show the offers that meet your needs and your wishes. Plus, the casino uses only those banking options that are considered to be reliable.

Casino JEFE Verdict

It is clear that our review is slowly going to the verdict part. We need to conclude all the mentioned features about JEFE gaming platform. One of the very first thing that must be reminded is the JEFE’s appearance. It is performed in blue tones that serve as the way to create sky with the clouds on the site’s background.

The games spectrum can be opened if you go to the bottom of casino’s page and press the button that carries the name “All CasinoJEFE Slots”. There, you can see one of the games of different types, such as slots, such as video poker, such as table games and other special gaming models.

When you register on the site, you can select one out of two welcome offers. You can pick either getting three types of spins (free spins, super spins and mega spins) for making three deposits or getting welcome bonuses for each of three deposits. This choice is all yours. There are other offers that you may be interested in, such as JEFE jackpot wheel, free spin bounties, cash rewards and other special bonuses.

In case if you need help, you can check the site and surf the pages for getting the needed info. There is also the way of getting help that supposes contacting JEFE administration. The icon of live chat is always at your sight, so it will make no problem to open the live chat window and ask for some help.

The casino took a lot of security and privacy measures for guaranteeing the security of customers’ info details. Among those measures, there are cookies using, operation of Lucky Dino Gaming Limited company, verification of your personal account and using only trustworthy payment options.

JEFE has a lot of helpful functions that you can use while making use of the website, but you have to remember about responsible gaming and that it is a necessity to not abuse gambling, so it could become an addiction. If you consider gambling as a small part of your life, this is good. Playing smart, you can get pleasure and win a lot of money. Good luck you with that!